Sunday, September 20, 2015

Subscribing and Connecting to Delightability Musings
Greetings Global Citizens,
I'm sharing this post here on fordoers blog as well. I recently changed the blog subscription service for the Delightability blog from feedburner to Jetpack. That is a bunch of blah blah for most of you. You don't really need the details but, what this does mean is that if you previously subscribed, you'll need to re-subscribe. I apologize for the inconvenience foisted upon me by the gods of technology.
To Subscribe visit the Delightability Blog (opens in new window).
Why Subscribe? In my blog posts I aim to make us all a little smarter, more thoughtful, and more productive. I hope that each post has a multiplier effect, on you initially and then in turn on others you share with.
What Subscribing Will Mean for You. Wondering how many emails you get when you subscribe? Great question. My goal is to blog weekly. I don't always make that goal and sometimes I exceed it. When you confirm your subscription you can create the frequency to match what you want e.g., immediately, weekly, etc. Fortnights and blue moons are not yet part of the mix.
Rather not clutter your email? I understand. I'll continue to provide links to posts as they occur on social media, but that isn't a guarantee you'll receive them. After all, the drive of many social networks is toward favoring paid and promoted content or that which is created directly within their platform, in essence digital sharecropping.
Connecting on Social Media. Here is where to find me on social media should you wish to connect, friend, follow, etc. Clicking each will open in a new window.
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Subscribe if you like. If not, I'll occasionally see you out and about in the social universe. Thank you for reading and sharing and being a better global citizen.
Kind Regards,
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