Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Purpose, Passion, and Pina Coladas

Ok so now it is the day after. Huh? You know the day after the 40 year anniversary of the historic moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Imagine the spirit of purpose, passion and cooperation that must have existed among the many men and women that made that vision possible. So here we are 40 years and a little bit after. I think it is worth asking yourself if you are living a purposeful, passion filled life. Are you changing the world? Making it just a little bit better? Charting your own new territory? Riding someones visionary coat tails?

If you are like many people you used google search yesterday and saw the themed moon landing logo. Google didn't exist 40 years ago. You know what... many things we hold near and dear to us today didn't exist 40 years ago either. Not iPods, Xboxes, Prius hybrids, bottled water, "green" diapers, infused vodkas, puke resistant baby clothing, Starbucks and the entire coffee movement, all things online including facebook, Linkedin, twitter, not even cell phones.

Our world is changing. Major automobile manufacturers and banks are going the way of the dinosaurs. Everything is changing and the pace seems to be picking up. So like the capital one commercials say "what's in your wallet", I say to you "what's in your plan." What's your story? What is the next chapter for you? Are you actively writing it? What are you doing to make this place a better place? Like the saying goes it takes a village. Well no matter your role, know that there are plenty of people with adjacent roles out there to help you make your mark in history. Maybe you meet them online, maybe you already work with them. Perhaps you'll meet them poolside having a Pina Colada with a rum floater. Whichever the case, you've got to get out (or online as it may be) to meet them so that you can get on with it. Let the brainshare begin. There's loads to do. For me, well, I'll see you on the moon and maybe poolside.

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