Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brand Aftertaste. Minty Fresh Delight or Dirty Socks Despair?

What aftertaste is your brand experience leaving with your customers?

Minty Fresh Delight or Dirty Socks Despair?

Your brand is comprised of every association that your customers make with your company. What they read, what they experience online, what they receive from you in the mail, how they view you on TV, or when they walk into a store.

"Minty Fresh or Dirty Socks?"

What people think about and how they feel
about your brand is relative to the other associations they make with competing brands – these brands don’t even have to be in the same category. For example, like it or not, if your company sells goods online, your online commerce experience is measured against what your customers have previously experienced on Amazon and other large refined commerce sites. Ignore some details that make the online shopping experience easy and your customers are sure to notice it. They might still buy from you but ooh, the aftertaste your brand is leaving.

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