Monday, June 16, 2008

Innovation Checklist – 10 Questions for a 15 minute checkup

  1. Have you mapped your IP portfolio to your business strategy and direction?
  2. What does your brand say about your ability to deliver innovation?
  3. What are the conversations that you are not having?
  4. What is the collaboration model between marketing and engineering in your organization?
  5. Who is empowered to say NO or NOT YET?
  6. Are you managing your innovation portfolio like a Venture Capitalist?
  7. What is your vetting process for new lines of business, products, and programs?
  8. Are you delivering experiences or merely products and services?
  9. Do new ideas compete for resources with established businesses?
  10. Do you have an innovation scorecard?

AND probably the most important question of all... Do all of your personnel answer these questions that same? How about senior management? Is there consistency between thought at the top and action in the execution level trenches?

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