Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Innovation Rant #2 - Relevant Noise

We've all seen the ads. "More bars in more places." Clever visual representations of the reception bars disguised as sailboats, progressively taller buildings, etc. Here is the deal.

Advertising the power or clarity of your wireless network is yesterday's news. It isn't about the network anymore - that is a point of parity. Let's move beyond.

Imagine a world of advertising where customers of increasingly complex mobile device were actually told about new capabilities that they can do with their device and services. As a current customer, give me a reason to consume more of your products and services. As a prospective customer, show me some compelling and relevant use cases that convince me to switch to your device or services. In the words of Seth Godin – be Remarkable. More bars in more places, it’s the network. Give me a break. Who cares about this stuff.

A more relevant message might be.... "Phone - its not just for calling anymore." "Email a friend from the bus", "Send granny a photo", "Noisy scene, text instead", "Watch a movie", "Post to a Blog", "Play a game", "Make a Shopping List", "Buy Flowers", "Get Directions", "Get Lost".

Be different. Be courageous. Or at least be less Ordinary.

Innovation Rant #1 - Shape and Form

The purpose of this blog is to share my rants as it relates to innovation – these opinions were shaped and continue to be shaped by my experiences working with high tech companies including Boeing, Microvision, Microsoft, ALATRON, GT Development, Pioneer-Standard Electronics, Wesmar Marine Electronics, Precor, Quinton, Stairmaster, Mackie, Rane, Palm, Eaton, Itronix, Intel, Microchip, and numerous others.

I wish to have more dialogue and share some of my observations and ideas in hopes that those doers involved in innovation will glean insights and take away practical tools to solve problems, delight customers, and create fantastic returns for stakeholders. Along the way may there be fewer products and services that excite few or fail to live up to their promise. Now.... on to greatness.